It's my birthday and it's just another day to be miserable

It’s my birthday. I am so down, anxious, and indecisive about if I should take this job. I have a gut feeling of what I should do. But I’m afraid cause what if that’s the wrong choice? I’ve been laying around all afternoon. Doing nothing but mindlessly staring at my phone. Who cares that it’s my birthday. Just another day to be miserable. Only difference is when I go spend it with people in a couple hours, I have to pretend I’m great when I am so not. My mom already said that when I come over, she doesn’t want me being anxious and neurotic. Seriously just makes me want to say screw life. I’m sick of dealing with myself and so are others

Happy birthday @NomadicWanderer!

What’s your gut feeling telling you to do? Why are you afraid that you’ll make the wrong choice?

You don’t have to pretend! I usually feel a little better when I’m around good company. When you’re spending time with your friends, let them bring up your spirits for you.

I completely understand how frustrating it can be, being around people who don’t understand anxiety/depression. They think we can just “snap out of it” or something along those lines. Try to show patience with your mom, or calmly try to help her understand that it frustrates you when she brings up anxiety. I hope this helps a little!


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Thanks for sharing this. Birthdays always seem like that to me, just another day. On the other hand you deserve recognition for fighting your way through another year. You are still here, and that is important. It sounds like the people around you are not very understanding, which is rough as well. I honestly think it was kind of rude, what your mom said. Your feelings are real, and it hurts me that she would expect you to ignore them in favor of hers, or lie about them, for whatever reason.

I’m happy you are here, to celebrate another year and as part of the community. We are here for you.


Don’t pretend you’re okay. It’s okay that you’re not. A lot of people don’t understand depression and anxiety. I get that. My dad and my older sister are always, “just get over it.” Try to help your mom understand, and if she doesn’t, she’ll have to deal if she really does love you. Your mom can’t control your emotions, don’t hide them or bottle them up. I’m sick of trying to get better too. I have serious indecisiveness. Take the job. Don’t hide your feelings. They’re your own, and if people don’t like it, screw them.
We’re here, and we won’t ever judge you. Talk, scream (can you scream on typing? eh, idk) say and feel whatever you want.
Happy birthday @NomadicWanderer :slight_smile:


Hey @NomadicWanderer!

First off, Happy (late) Birthday! I’m so sorry this one hasn’t been great. Keep pushing through though!

How was today?

I completely relate to you when you said,

That’s exactly how I felt when I took the position I’m at now. I say trust your gut if everything is good. Like if the environment is good, you’re passionate about the job, and you’re excited to work there.

I hate acting fake too. Paramore’s song “Fake Happy” is my anthem haha. Check it out if you haven’t.

I hope today was better. Keep pushing through friend!

Hold Fast,


Hey friend,

Sorry I didn’t reply to this earlier- but my friend I have been here.

I know I’ve said it already but happy belated birthday friend- you deserve good days and I just want to say I’m proud of you.

You are a light in my darkness and please remember you are loved.

Hold fast.

With love,
Lyss (ur old pal Blurryface)

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