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It's ok to feel this way?

Some days my depression/bipolarity and anxiety take over me and I can’t function like a normal person, I just want to stay all day in bed I don’t even want to eat or move I feel sick I just want to shut down my brain and let that feeling go away.

Everytime this happens I lose a bit of hope in me.

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From: ladytapioca

I fough with that too, it would sleep for day on end. It destroyed my body. I then took a Day and Realized I don’t be sad anymore, I can’t. So I took the time to try my HARDEST to make myself happy. Take time build yourself up, it’ll be a bit but I know you can do it. Hold fast.

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I didnt have depression or like that,so I dont know how really you are feeling, but I can say that all of us some days dont want to move or want to stay in bed.

In my case there were days when I didnt wanted to do anything because I was so sad and I hated myself so much, that finally those feeling were stronger than me.

I know that isnt the same situation but maybe you have to try like I have done, when you wake up, try to think in things that make you happy or that can help your mood get better.

Remember you are stronger than you though.

Keep safe :heart:

I understand that completely and it is why there are times when I do take days off for just me. Try and set yourself a single goal for the day. Maybe it is just to wash yourself or make a meal but set one so you achieved something.