Its really hard for me to write this

Hey there,
i’m sitting here trying to figure out ways to write this . i was debating on if i should write this or if i shouldn’t because i don’t want to break a promise of a friend . But it is of a person(s) but their name(s) wont be mentioned.
So , last year person x got suspended then expelled cause of her saying stuff that she said such as wanting to kill someone because of her loving another girl . I yet have no communication with her and i will never will have it and wont be able to see her again because person x is 234ish miles not to be exact. she has no contact at all. i’m sitting here because something isn’t right . i got told as a hint that my friend who i was a "mother figure " to her because she dealt with depression, and person x may be put up for adoption. but i don’t know if its true. person y told me this because i was friends with person x. i just don’t know what to do . Child protective service was already out their but the mother lied. the mother has posted things about her own kids on the face book which i think were bad things. any advice on what i can do . i know this is out of my control but i just don’t know what to do . i just don’t want to give up .

Continue: why would a child specifically close to my age be put up for adoption ( if it was true) just for a screw up. thats messed up. its just i feel bad for her but i know she wasnt in the right to do this… i just dont know.
theres so many thoughts going through my mind for this. if this was my kid . i would of taught them lesson and not send them to a boarding school and i will NEVER put them up for adoption.

Hey @all_around_ashley!

I honestly don’t have much advice except to take care of yourself too. In the midst of caring for people sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves.

You sound like a great friend so keep being that.

Hold Fast,

update: even though my friend may be getting help . im still shocked by the news i was told … i hope i can see her again. #soon


Couple things: 1) no matter what mistakes you ever make, we will always accept you…gosh you’re so freaking loved here, man. Just wanting to say: you are safe, and you are loved… 2) for your friend, honestly, I’d pray. Not sure if you’re into that, but you’re asking what I do when I feel powerless, and that’s what I do – I ask God to help and step in when I can’t, and some pretty powerful/amazing things have happened. So, even if you don’t pray, I’ll pray for your friend for you – God, we want for Ashley’s friend to be safe. Man I can’t imagine how scary that must be to feel like you’re on the fringe of losing your home and being put up for adoption…but I also can’t imagine what that says to her heart – that if she doesn’t do well enough, she won’t be loved…God, would you rescue her from that? Would you rescue her heart from that fear and that pain? Would you come through for her and for that family? Would you bring healing? And also, love like crazy on Ashley. I really like her :slight_smile: Thanks, God. Amen