I've attempted suicide 12 times within the past months

I’m comfortable with dying. I want this. I’m just sick of this life.

:cry: I’m sad to hear that you’ve found yourself in such a dark, lonely well. It doesn’t have to be like this, life isn’t always brutal. Life can be beautiful and full of love too. I was hopeless and ready to die for almost a decade, but in the last year or so things changed for me. I’ve gotten to know two very close friends who also felt hopeless, and one of them tried killing himself multiple times. Both of them are in SUCH a better place now, they’re alive and loving themselves and loving others as best as they can. They still have dark days, but they don’t feel hopeless anymore. Life can get so much better, and furthermore, this darkness that you’re in can actually turn to a strength in many ways, it’s not just wasted life. I mean that, and if you doubt me, challenge me on it. We become mentally stronger, more empathetic to others in similar situations, more driven/motivated to love… If you choose to fight instead of die, if you choose to live, life can be beautiful, meaningful, and full of love. First you have to decide that you want to fight and live long enough to figure out how to love life. Then lets talk about how! My love reaches out to you in this time of darkness, please hang on, you matter!

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What’s going on?

@Reijak ;
Dying is not an option here. We want whats best for you and we wand you alive. Please keep reaching out . you are not alive.