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I've been feeling crappy about being single!

I have been single for my years and it start to get to me again. Me and my guys are been having issue of finding a girl or girls as friends. I know that you dont need anyone to be happy, but sucks when im 28 years olds, where im not marry, in relationship or even having a group of friends. My work there only older women and there other place for me to meet girls. I do play in a band, but feel girls in my music scene dont like or think of me as poser.

I was at Have Heart show, there bunch girls there, where I felt every one of them thought me as wiredo or creep. I did not say anything much anyone during that day, but my anxiety get best of me. I feel that girls just hate me and dont even consider me human. For listen to exact same music, not wearing the newest clouths, I dont say the rigth things and Im not good looking.

My family I look not good with my shave head, which feed into my anxiety more. My father keep tellling me that I dont need someone, but hard to fight those feelings. My band kinda pouch fun, they think Im too wired or loud for girls. That not mature enough for a relationship and that to hyper active.However, I dont feel I need to change for I am and I feel I dont belong any where.

It starts mess with my mind, I feel that girl just after me just used me, lie to me and treat me like Im subhuman. I know this not true, but I cant fight these feelings. It suck that into doughy guy that cant talk to girl or have them as friends. I never wanted to be this guy.

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I feel exactly as you do my man
im 28 already and i feel very lonely also
but is just that your worthy and you deserve being with somebody worthy enough as you are
it takes time but eventually we will be happy with somebody.
Cheers my man
your not alone.


It’s easy to say that we don’t need someone to complete us but it is much harder to believe it and recognize our value as a single person. Even in this post you voiced your own negative views of yourself. I encourage you to focus on your view of yourself and your own internal struggles. Those hard feelings and thoughts will not go away if you get into a relationship and your relationship with yourself is so important too. You are not alone in feeling crappy about being single, there are so many people who share in that struggle. Thanks for sharing and opening up about those feelings



I have been single all of my life. I do worry about women hating me because I’m different or if I done something wrong in their eyes, they’ll stay away from me. I can apologize for my behavior, but what good that will do? What we need to accept is not every women is going to love us. We need to also accept not every women is going to hate us. There are great women in this world who are kind. It takes time when the right woman arrives into your life. Be grateful for whom you are. You are beautiful. God made you unique, and you don’t have to change who you are to fit in a status quo. Give yourself grace. If you want to share more, this forum is still open. I hope you are hanging on. Thank you for being honest with this community. God bless you.

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I can definitely sympathize with your struggles; being single has always been a challenge for me and that loneliness has been a trigger for my depression. While I’m a bit younger than you (24), I do know a good number of people who have remained single into their 30’s (not of their own choice, just unable to find someone). There’s nothing wrong with you to grow older without being married, it’s just a matter of waiting on God’s timing. These periods of time build resiliency and give you a chance to focus on growing yourself. I know I’ve always gotten frustrated when people suggest to just focus on myself and personal growth, but it really helps. You’re not alone, keep strong.

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