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Iv'e been screwed over my stimulus check big time

Ever since the covid-19 pandemic people like myself has been out of work and I was supposed to have a stimulus check so that I can buy a new vehicle apperrenly it has not arrived at all now i’m srtuggling to adjust to this life and I can’t take this anymore it’s my money and I want it.

Hey @hatefulman84,

I suppose that, just like for any other administrative procedure, patience is required. Especially since all of this is totally new for everyone. People who are working for that are certainly doing their best to make it operational for every eligible person (my partner works in a public administration, and I can assure you that this covid situation isn’t easy for anyone, unfortunately).

Maybe there’s a way for you to see the status of your application (online? a phone number?) and see what’s going on. I hear your frustration. But the fact you didn’t receive it yet doesn’t mean you’ve been screwed. There could be a lot of reasons behind this. And there are certainly services who would be able to provide you the informations you need.

I hope you’ll receive some better news soon!


I agree with Micro 100%. This time in our lives has been stressful for everyone. The people who cut the checks are just as stressed as everyone who is waiting to get a check. They have hundreds of millions of people that they need to get it printed out and mailed to, which is going to take a lot of time to do. If you qualify for the stimulus check, you’ll get it as soon as they’re able to get it printed and mailed to you. Just be patient.

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