I've decided to take action

I’ve decided to contact the religious leader of the congregation where this person was spreading rumors about me and to expose him and to speak my mind what this individual is doing wrong because I cannot let this continue because thinks just because he belongs to this particular community he thinks he’s immune from consequences and he can do what he wants. I may not have been able to make my stalker for what she did to me I can with this guy. I’m tired of the xenophobia, racism and Hispanophobia from this person and the community he belongs to that’s why I left. But because of people like him decent people from the community look bad to outsiders. I hope the religious leader gets back with me.


This is certainly a tough decision, but also something fair when you are in a situation of asserting your voice and rights. I hope with all my heart that this person will get back to you and that you will be able to have a respectful, healing conversation. Make sure your intentions are clear before the conversation happens, so there won’t be any confusion or deception.

I wish you all the best. :hrtlegolove:

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Of course absolutely I just want to bring it to his attention so he can either correct it or have the person in question be repremended or his actions depending how it goes if it’s resolved diplomatically I’ll move on and forget about it if not I may have to take legal action by either submitting a cease and desist letter or suing for libel I have a reputation and organization I’m leading I can’t an idiot ruin me just because he can’t keep his mouth shut. I’m a peaceful person and I always walk away but I’m tired of being bullied for no reason especially when I’m no longer part of that religious community anymore seven years is a long time.

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That is indeed a very long time! Resentment - even one that stems from nothing - can really be held forever if someone doesn’t want to release their grip.

You definitely have a very clear perspective that emphasizes different possible outcomes. I hope you won’t have to get to the point of taking legal actions - even if necessary, it’s never fun to have to do that.

May you both find peace and that this situation will resolve itself. Opening that door to talk is a good step!

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