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[(I've never)] (TW: SH)

I’ve never cut myself because I wanted
to die…

I cut myself because I wanted
to live




Hi EyelessDoll.
I think that many people can relate to the fact cutting and other forms of self harm can make you feel alive when we are feeling numb. It is also good that you realised that you harmed yourself not because you wanted to die but because you want to feel alive.

That said self harm is a very destructive habbit. If you feel like you want to harm youself please contact a friend or a family member or someone you can trust and tell them how you are feeling. Safety plans are also very helpful. You can create your own or look at some of the safety plans others have made here on heartsupport.

Tkank you for posting.
Stay safe


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Hello there, thanks for your response. I have been battling with self injury for over a decade now. Writing down intrusive thoughts is one of my outlets… hence the post. I am currently one year, 4 months clean from self injury…hoping to keep it up (:


Almost a year and a half… well done.:+1: Keep it up. You are on the right track.

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