Jake Luhrs hears the heaviest song in his life

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Jake reacts to one of the new songs by the French Artist Mirar. This song though no lyrics this song can be a reflection of what trauma, mental illness, or PTSD is like.


Does END sound like this?

Just when i thought HUMANITY’S LAST BREATH was the heaviest.

Dude for the 100th time react to Mortal Reminder - the gravest sin // thorn

This is something the band Primitive Man would pull, honestly. But they will gonna on the extra to go lower.

Just add Ethan McCarthy’s(the band’s vocalist) “gates of hell-ish” doomy vocals and all hell breaks loose from here. :sweat_smile:

Think I asked for Boundaries too many times that its not happening. Sorry boys.

Hahahahahaa that was funny af

You should react new single from Bloodlines- Holiness Cries!

React to Black Tongue, I need it lol

I have no idea what that was …but man that was good

You gotta do the whole Mirar Mare EP. It’s a gateway to so many visceral emotions.

I might be in the minority here but this isn’t for me. Not a fan of these bands that tune so low that you can barely distinguish the notes. But this is also why I love music because no matter what style you play or what you create, it will connect with someone’s soul somewhere. Kudos to the band though, they definitely captured that disturbing feeling i believe they were going for.

This is a painting by Caravaggio depicting Judith and Holofernes. He was a general who besieged her town, got drunk and passed out, then was beheaded by Judith and a servant.

Thanks to “Ripley” I instantly recognized that painting as a Caravaggio.

Hey Jake! Thanks for dropping by in Granby!!!

But wait till you hear Disembodied Tyrant - Death Empress or Winter.

This honestly might be my song of the year this ep blew my mind mirar is so good every song makes you feel something

This isn’t even the heaviest song on the EP.

I reacted the same way. I said “This was composed by demons, this is hell.”

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard any For Today but theyre a really heavy christian metal band. you should check out “Elijah (The Forerunner)” or “Saul of Tarsus (The Messenger)”