Jake Luhrs is Talkin 2 Ur Ghost by Bilmuri

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Relationships can be complex, and sometimes they can lead to a longing for something that isn’t healthy.


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Please react to better hell - you will be hooked

ABR are the GOATs. :heart:

Boundaries next Jake, please​:smiling_imp::smiling_imp: Metalcore AOTY

As a Nashville resident, it’s unforgivable that you confused the fiddle with the viola/violin. Don’t show your face here again… (this is just a joke plz come back we miss you)

I am actually going through that exact thing now. All very unexpected and am just having a hard time understanding why. So I can most definitely sympathize with the emotions being conveyed in this song.

gotta do a reaction to any song from the Goblin Hours album. Anabolic Spudsman thicc edition or The Void Approacheth

He reminds me of The Almost

Actually he’s ex-singer from Attack Attack! circa 2008-2011

Gimme that TWANGUHH…

Bilmuri is that guy pal…

Jake, do you realize where Johnny came from?!

Next Bilmuri music video could include Matt Greiner’s driving a farming truck. It would be amazing :sweat_smile:

abr x bilmuri tour WHEN…

ABSOLUTELYCRANKINMYMF’INHOG…is a banger and you should definitely check that one out.

Bilmuri is such a fun sound! The tracks are usually catchy, upbeat, easy to sing along with or tap your foot too. Johnny is a blessing to the music, and multimedia world overall :saluting_face: *ALSO: As an addict (sober date: 01/07/2019) things like HeartSupport can truly save lives. Thank you so much for all that you, and the entire HeartSupport community put out into the world. You’re a true Light Worker Jake. Biggest thanks from all of us in the back :pray:

Fun fact - Johnny Franck was the clean vocalist in Attack! Attack! back in the day with Caleb Schomo (Beartooth)

Would love to see your reaction to a Lorna Shore song!

Johnny Franck! OG crabcore connoisseur dudes a GOAT! Everything he touches is absolute Gold!!! :black_heart:

Bilmuri is love, Bilmuri is life

ahah can’t wait to see you in Festival au Lac in Granby !