Jake Luhrs Reacts to BILMURI - EMPTYHANDED

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Jake Luhrs, the lead vocalist of August Burns Red, reacts to the Dethcore/ambient/post-jazz band from MURICA :us_outlying_islands: BILMURI -EMPTYHANDED. Jake explores the unique blend of dethcore, ambient, and post-jazz elements that define their sound. From the melding of country and metal influences to the importance of setting boundaries in relationships, Jake provides insightful commentary on both the musical and lyrical aspects of the song.

Jake you definitely need to react to more Bilmuri <3 They’re easily one of my top 3 favourite bands, and for a good reason. Up there with ABR

Such a good band/project. It’s Johnny Franck from Attack Attack!

Papa Muri never disappoints, this new song is a banger

Jake I will kiss you if you do KKTX Low Tech​:smiling_imp::face_with_peeking_eye:

Johnny Franck is the man. Used to do clean vocals/guitar for Attack Attack. Please do their song BETTER HELL next. :ok_hand:t4:

Mowingcore is definitely a thing this summer, and Bilmuri is a trendsetter.

jake 100% needs to see them live with the saxophone and just amazing times

#mowcore is the new thing and should be the summer anthem.

Bilmuri (Johnny frank) was in attack attack!

You definitely gotta check out more of Bilmuri’s stuff. He’s so creative. Also their live videos add an even different element! Definitely worth checking out

Yes bilmuri!!!..

Bilmuri’s lyrics tend to be notoriously meaningful with song-titles and vibes that rarely allude to their content. He’s a joy, straight-up. Touring act is flipping fantastic.
I think you would enjoy his whole library but in particular for reactions, maybe check out lifeisgood, CORN-FED YETIS, FLOURIDEINTHEHARDSELTZERWATER, and Better Hell.

For the OG cuts - check out his cover with the buddies of Ellie Goulding’s Army.

Lyrically & musically this is 91% pop punk & 9% country. IMO

I’m SO here for more metalcore/country you should checkout “loser” by Lakeview. Former dudes from Those Who Fear from Facedown Records

Hey man! Great video!
I really love the song, and the lyrics, and your breakdown of it really spoke to me. I’m at the end of a many year long distance relationship, and feeling really similarly to how you laid it out. I appreciated it. Thanks!

Bilmuri is a rabbit hole and a half. You won’t be disappointed, though.

you definitely need to react to more Bilmuri. Their live videos are high quality too and super tight. The drummer is Josh Manuel from Issues.


Maaaan you gotta deep dive him now lol He has so many bangers