Jake Luhrs Reacts to Burden by As I Lay Dying

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Watch as Jake Luhrs, lead vocalist of August Burns Red, reacts to As I Lay Dying’s latest song “Burden.” In this video, Jake dives into the lyrical content and shares a thrilling personal story about the time he almost caught on fire during a concert while on tour with As I Lay Dying in the UK.


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Nice clap of spiritual metal awakening. As i lady dying and august burns red if you know who they are were the ones that got me into metalcore. They can’t ant make a bad song or album.

Boundaries next Jake​:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp: my AOTY.

Looks like the only OG members now are Tim and Phil, everyone else is gone…

AILD definitely deserves their second chance. Glad you still support them Jake.

The Columbia show was awesome last week Jake! Nice slappin :heart: I think I saw the both of y’all on that tour at Amos Southend in Charlotte! The Senate reminded me of that lol

Hi guy, im from Brazil and love ur reacts…God bless

Can you react to Hurts like Hell by Convictions?

Dude, yes! Let’s go!..

The AILD , Miss May I , Unearth mashup sounds pretty good. Looking forward to the full album.

Its really nice too see a great musician react and enjoy other great musicians work

Broooo that mic story :joy::joy::joy:

As I Lay miss may I…

Love your videos Jakey. Legendary vocalist reacting to a legendary band. Also, you should check out Get the Shot ft PaleFace- Dominant Predation.

Honestly, this song makes me really sad…It’s great, no doubt. But if this song is truly about Nick, that feels like a final nail in the coffin for him to ever return. Can you really imagine a scenario whee Nick would even want to play a song like this about himself live? I’m not pro any team, cause it’s really not a black and white situation and I really hoped they could all move forward cause I genuinely believe everyone of those guys are great people.

Well they actually aren’t all together almost everyone left basically just Tim left

Please tell me there is a video of that microphone anecdote.

AILD adding Ken Susi is insane. He is an absolute weapon as a guitarist.

Morgan made it happen…

did you get new knuckle tattoos? they look cool