Jake Luhrs Reacts to Divine by All That Remains

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The path you take is up to you. No one can tell you how you should live. Your Life is in your hands.


Jake, you gotta do Boundaries!! A Pale Light Lingers or Scars On A Soul.

Banger!! Also can do a reaction to As I Lay Dying’s new song, Burden that just came out today! Great reaction, Jake as usual!

Love the consistency as of late, Jake! Love the videos :metal:

Dude, yes! Go check out As I Lay Dying’s new track. It is a must!

curse it up, Jake :metal:

Yay!! Was hoping you’d react to this one :smiley:

Nice reaction bro, i remember this band from my childhood

I would love to see you try and mimic some of these wild screams!

You have got to react to Canvas by Avralize. They are a great up and coming metalcore band from Germany.

That first clap was like that puzzle in final fantasy 7 where you have to push the button at the same time. You got the ultimate brutal stink face.

3:42 i hear Not Alone from The Fall of Ideals (1:42 in Not Alone, if curious)

btw Jake As I dying finally released a new single titled Burden might want to check it out at some point

Jake do some new songs by the ghost inside! Secret, and wrath maybe

the way he stretches divine is so pristine!! his lows and those beautiful highs plus the guitar coming to follow his note like wtf this is by far my favorite from them good vid my dude!
look forward to the next reaction!

Jake hope you keep doing these, although abr is my go to when I need my daily metal fix, these vids let me know where to find new cool stuff to listen to as well. And keep being yourself, fuck what the comments say, no shame in either cursing, or being yourself. Thanks for the vid!

I recommend Diamonds to Dust - Manipulation by Design, or Corpus Christi. Also glad to see you on YT!

Maybe also Insomium - While we sleep

I love this song and the new As I Lay Sing song that just dropped today. You, Tim, Phil, Jasta vocalists and lyricists. I missed your reactions.

But you and Jasta are my everyday inspirations. The positive vibes and messages you both convey just bring me so much joy, happiness and motivation

Yall came to Boise the same day a while back and I chose to see ABR over ATR. Still wouldn’t choose ATR over ABR to this day.

you should do the band Lightworker! They’re a newer Solidstate band and they slap