Jealous woman

Hi, i just need to stop being so jealous.
it kills me every day of my life and i been trying, but i don’t know how make it stops.
I get mad at my boyfriend and i told him, if a girl gives you a letter or a gift, you throw it in the trash and broke it, but if you don’t do it, i don’t give you a letter anymore and i feel really bad with me, i don’t wanna be a toxic girlfriend, but i’m afraid all the time. what if he leaves me for another girl better than me? What if he cheated on me? and today i wanted to give him a long kiss and he said that he don’t wanna do it because he don’t like it and he feel unconfortable, but i’m so insecure, my mind told me, probably i’m a shame for him or he don’t want that a girl that he probably ike it and see us kissing us or that maybe he don’t want to driving away his fans or something like that. My mind don’t stop. what can i do?
i’m so unsteady and i need help.:broken_heart:

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You need to remind yourself that if he didn’t want to be with you, he wouldn’t. This kind of overthinking and jealous behavior will be the thing to drive a wedge within your relationship.
If he leaves you, or cheats on you, cross that bridge when it comes to it. Do not constantly worry that it will happen, and not focus on the relationship you’re in. There is no point in stressing about something that hasn’t happened yet, or maybe won’t happen at all.
I know trusting someone is scary, and relationships are scary. You will get hurt many times in your life, as does everyone, but trusting someone completely, and trusting the relationship you’re in, will help you to get the best outcome from your relationship. If you like your boyfriend and want your relationship to grow, you have to find a way to trust the process, trust him, and let the negative energy and jealousy grow. If it’s not meant to be, you will find it out sooner or later, and if it is meant to be, then that’s great. Enjoy your relationship now and the time you spend with your partner. Time is all we have and all we don’t.


Thank you so much larynjoy, this helps a lot. You’re right, my friends told me this, all the time, he’s with you and if he didn’t want to be with be, he wouldn’t, but honestly is so complicated to me, my grandfather used to love to my grandmother and he cheated on her for a long time, is so scary, he told me that i need to know that he’s not my grandfatrher or someone else.
Now i know that if he do it, i’m gonna have to keep moving and find somebody else. I’m tired of myself, they told me in one ear and get out from the other. :frowning:

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