Just having a rough day

I’ve had a pretty bad start to my day my parents and i are just not getting along again. I’m also wondering if you guys still have the discord server i got my last account banned from discord


hi Horselover,
good to see you again!

i’m sorry that you and the parents aren’t getting along. Would you like to share what’s been going on or share any feelings on that?

I\m glad that you’re here, and i hope that sharing here will bring you some comfort. You matter, friend.

They just have been very bitchy at me i’ve been in a bad mental state for the past while so i haven’t been doing anything an so they are mad about it

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Thank you for sharing,.and welcome

Do you want to share why you and your parents arent getting along?

What do you mean by bitching ?

Sorry to hear you arent feeling all too well.

Have you tried to communicate with your parents about your mental health?

I understand not many parents would recognize the signs just wondering.

Feel better

Hi Horselover Welcome back
How have you been doing
I think it might be time to share with your parents about your mental health issues if they’re not so open about the idea of mental health that’s fine write your thoughts in a journal, continue speaking to us, and maybe find an online counselor/therapist. Now what issues are going on between you and your parents (share only if you are comfortable) you might just need to rant. You are important and you matter,