Just Need to Let Out a Rant on Fake Service Dogs

I’ve been a supporter of service dogs for more than 3 years. I first started supporting them after subscribing to a service dog channel where the owner has POTS, PTSD, and a lot of other medical issues. I’m a moderator for that channel as well and take that position seriously (I sometimes go in the person’s videos, old or new, look through most or all of the comments, and remove mean or harmful comments that could affect the person). Through the course of those 3 years, I learned a lot about the ADA laws, what’s right and what’s wrong. I’ve made it my main goal to spread awareness about service dogs and educate others about them.

There’s some context about how I’m connected with service dogs ^.

I’m really sickened by the fact that people with no medical issues register on a scam website for a vest and fake patches, and pretend that their dogs are service animals. Just to get into places with their dogs. They say that they filled out paperwork and stuff, but there is no paperwork for service animals. One person signed paperwork and gave an airplane security guard an ID card for their dog, stating that their dog is a “Certified service animal” and an ESA. There is no ID for service animals, service animals don’t need certification, and ESAs and service dogs aren’t the same thing. ESAs aren’t even allowed to fly with you on planes anymore. This person has broken so many darn federal laws but they’re arguing with people who call them out on it and even is threatening the person I’ve been subscribed to for 3 years that they’ll sue them and have legal action taken against my friend.

Just by watching a couple of the fake service dog owner’s videos, I can tell right away that their dog isn’t an actual service dog because the dog is loud, doesn’t listen to voice commands, and just acts unprofessionally. That’s dangerous for real service dogs because they can get distracted from the fake service dog’s barking, energy, and stuff.

The fault isn’t on the fake service dog. The fault is on the fake service dog’s OWNERS. I won’t say what the fake service dog’s channel is due to not wanting anyone to attack or harass them.

This is why I want to start a new awareness thing: Service Dog Awareness. I’m planning on, when I get my community tab on YouTube, using the tab mainly to spread awareness about service animals. I’ll also post my art and stuff on there but it’s mainly going to be for service dog awareness. I made another Insta account for service dog awareness as well. I want everyone to know about service dogs, what to do and what not to do, and just educate people about service dogs and what they do.


@alexgamer_hameowlton Tell me your channel name, I’ll sub right now!

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That’s awesome! You are taking action on a cause you believe in instead of staying silent or shitposting online! The best way to get people to change is through awareness and education, based on facts and objective observations. It takes courage to take action on a cause, but staying silent gets you nowhere, and if you make people uncomfortable that means it’s working.

People with badly behaved, untrained “service dogs” make things harder for people with actual service dogs. I think the law against flying with ESAs is pretty new, so people may not know about it yet. Spreading the word about that may help cut down on ugly incidents in airports, and spreading the word in general about service dog “papers” may help employees enforce animal bans. To my knowledge, retail and service workers and managers get little to no training on service animal protocols, so if you can help spread the word you are helping everyone!

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Of course! My channel name is Asterart . I post mainly art and animation on it but might actually post a video about service dogs in the near future. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsD-2WbxE5aXmNIP3pPcaOw
Here’s a link to it as well.

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Thank you ^^ I have learned so much from my friend and she’s the main reason why I want to spread awareness. So many people have fake service dogs and it’s just truly disrespectful and bad that it’s happening. It sickens me that they’re taking advantage of scam websites to go everywhere without a problem.

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