Just read the texts, it all will make sense

So, for the past three days, I’ve been crying and picking up old habits (bad ones). I don’t have the best eating habits, and I have been fixing it. I fell back on my old ways three days ago. I hadn’t been eating. My “best friend’s” boyfriend had been bullying me since he got here, but I let it go. I’m nothing important. He called me fat, right in front of her, the day I started to feel good about myself. When I ran away, crying, they didn’t care, no one did. The next day, I tried to avoid them. the whole group we had. One they convinced everyone in our group that I was overreacting and that he was not at fault for anything, led them to believe it was all me. Today, I took a step to tried to make her step into my shoes, and this is how it went. They blame me for everything.

I’m sick of being used. I’m sick of EVERYTHING being my fault. I’m done. Sorry to those that cared, no one is really here for me. I’m going. I’ll see everyone later. On the other side. I wish the best to those that have the same thoughts.


damn , i am sorry you going through this, we care about you and nothing is your fault and we care about you just know no matter what we will be here to be your family and your friends.

You are worth far more than the opinions of these people. Just keep fighting.

Firstly being used sucks. I have used and abused too. It wasn’t good. So I know what you are going through. Here is my advice:
HAVE FAITH ( You can make it through anything you are strong. Even though you feel weak at the moment)
KNOW YOU ARE LOVED ( There are people who care for you too.We do)
AND STAY FOR THAT REASON ( Don’t let them win. Fight back and keep fighting)

I hope this helps you have to know your worth belongs to you not other people

They don’t care about your feelings then they’re not your friends. It is time to find new friends.
It doesn’t matter if they think it is a big deal or not. You feel it is a big deal and when you let them know they just blatantly say it is your fault. That it is your problem and to get over it.
These aren’t friends. Friends don’t dismiss what is big issues for their friends.
You need REAL TRUE friends.