Just some poems I wrote

I’m honestly starting to think I could make it as a poet ngl.


There is something so eerie about watching a feather drown
Its whispery tendrils struggle to pull away
Only to succumb to the surface tension
An impenetrable void of death
Overwhelming gravity

Once i had my own feathers
But they too drowned with me
Gravity pushing me downward to what is worse than
Any hell anyone has ever described
Make me drown

New emotions had danced in my head
A colourful collage of pink and yellow and blue
But I have broken the laws which govern my existence
And I will drown until I no longer remember

Cupid Shot Me Down

Cupid shot me down
Glistening crimson poured out of my skull
As the deified lover sunk to darkness
And I fell to grief
My hands clasped what was left
Of every moment I revolved around
Don’t you know
Cupid shot me down

The Tree

The tree they ate from
Is now devoid of life
Fruitless and barren
All feelings of peace
And the bliss of childhood
Has been sucked away
By the mouths which so greedily took
What I should have had
What I deserved


Thank you so much for sharing your poetry with us, friend. “The tree” especially resonates a lot with my heart. It’s written in such a pure and fragile way. Thank you for sharing those parts of your heart. It’s truly a blessing that you trust this place and community with this.

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I wrote another poem. This one is short, but I think it gets my point across pretty well.

Give me what I never had

Your hands
They were warm
As you gently caressed me
And then left me
To rot


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