Just trying to help

New here and I have seen this floating around thanks to some of the bands that I listen to. I wanted to tell you all who may read this that you are worth it. You are worth fighting for. I write a blog that chronicles the journey of depression and anxiety in every day life. Depression can Happen


Thanks for sharing @Mattd1234! You have a bunch of great entries. Rock on!

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Thanks for coming to this site man, glad that you made it here – which bands helped you find this site? And thanks for sharing your personal stories as well.

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Hey Nate, I knew about the site for a while but never really checked it out until yesterday. I was reading through some of the posts and think that this community is awesome. The biggest influence was August Burns Red. I follow a lot of them on Instagram and noticed that Jake was writing a book and decided to pick it up as well. So I would say they helped get me here the most lol.

I don’t know if those entries will help anyone but you never know.

Thanks for checking them out btw, I do appreciate it

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That’s awesome! How have you liked Mountains? What’ve you learned from it?
Glad you’re here man :slight_smile: