Just wanted to say this place is very nice

I was skeptical about getting back on some type of social media as I noticed it had been messing with my mind for a while and I am getting back into wanting more people around me because it seemed that I have been isolating myself with my music and my poetry but social media can be used for a good thing and I love that this place was made they the power of social media and how it can be used for a bigger thing than likes and dislikes . Mental health and social media can sometimes not mix but this a great example thanks. Of what you can do to help people with social media as a tool


Welcome to HeartSupport and I hope you enjoy it its a safe place for people to come and talk about their issues in a safe place without judgement.


Yeah thanks I had always been a fan of heart support I remember when I first heard about it was like 6 years ago when it was first started just never got on

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Hey @Lifespoet22,

You’re absolutely right. Social medias and Internet are tools that can be use for the worst, but also for the best! I’m glad you’re here.

Btw, music and poetry… best choices ever. :sunglasses:

Sending much love to you. :heart:

Yeah my dude its amazing to not be effected by social media and it has been freeing I have been on social media up and not on and I see that when I got off I was living more.


I can understand that. I often have to take a huge step back from social media as it sometimes can be very dangerous to my mental health. I think sometimes taking a break from places like Twitch, Facebook and Twitter can be really healthy. To take that time to mentally recenter. However, I have found this community to be one place that I can feel safe and comfortable around most of the time. Sometimes I have to take a break from the wall, but the discord and Twitch stream are always such a positive and uplifting place to hang out.

I’m so glad that it has served as a good place for you. We love having you. <3

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Thanks my friend feeling better about social media but I am not gonna go on alot.

That’s good. I enjoy a break sometimes. I’m glad you’re feeling better

Welcome to the site! This is definitely a wonderful resource for open communication and support. I am not a fan of social media per se, but heart support provides a safe space for everyone :black_heart:

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Thanks @EyelessDoll you seem very nice and I am learning to live amongst the living

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