Just wish things weren't so hard

I’m sorry for this but I just feel the need to get this off my chest.

This week has been really rough…been having a really hard time processing things bc alot has been changing and its just too much rn…people are leaving, emotional trauma has really been hitting me from when I was living with my dad, (Long story) and so on. I had about 3 breakdowns just today alone and I’m on the verge of another one as I’m typing this. I haven’t been sleeping well lately due to crying, its just been hard.

No I’m not asking for sympathy or attention. I’m not saying u guys are my therapists I’m not trying to do emotional dumping. I just needed to vent bc I always feel better after I’m at least able to get it off my chest…

Thank u for listening (Reading)


A place for emotional dumping is just one role this site plays. Another is to help people feel less alone, to experience empathy and understanding. Maybe sympathy and attention gets a bad rap. Doing negative things for attention is the primary reason attention seeking isn’t well thought of. Sympathy is an emotional embrace, not unlike a physical hug. What’s wrong with that? Well, I can sort of guess at that. Sometimes people interpret sympathy as supporting a sense of victimhood. Another inference is, “if you feel sympathy for me, you must agree with me.” Some people call for sympathy in order to use it the wrong way. Regardless of that, sympathy, when it’s genuine and from the heart, is okay.

We aren’t therapists, but at times, we can be therapeutic, because being cared about, understood and supported is therapeutic.

Besides, sometimes the right question or shared experience can lead to insight that helps life become a little less hard.

It really sucks to process emotional trauma, but it’s good that you understand it is a process. Breaking down is part of the process. An emotional storm manifests, and tears process it, not all at once, which is why crying doesn’t happen all at once. Crying hurts and helps at the same time. It’s better to let the emotions flow in a safe place than to suppress them, or allow them to transform into anger or bitterness.

Be patient and accepting of yourself. Treat yourself as you would treat others. Allow yourself to be supported. Yes, getting stuff off your chest is a good thing, and an example of self-support.

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Hello Andy,
i also can understand how you feel. It is hard.
We will always be here for you, we care about you.
The first and by far most important thing in my eyes is to speak everything out that is on your mind.
A therapy can help you manage yourself, you learn how to deal with your feelings better. It helps me.
We are here to support you and it will get better.
Thank you for sharing and reaching out to us, have a nice day my friend and feel hugged,