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Trying to get out of debt. Trying to get well both physically and mentally so I can be the best mom I can be to my daughter and a contributing member of society. And losing house is a possibility because of my current situation.

Can’t promise I can help but you definitely have support. Do you currently work or get financial help? I know being in debt is definitely hard. I dont get many tips in my job but when I do get them or extra money I will use it to pay on things I need to take care of. Also cooking as much as possible at home seems to help. As well as using any tax returns every year for bills. And getting any help with childcare from family can help. Sorry Im no expert but hope it helps in some wat

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It is all a very long story but I will try to simplify it as much as possible. I’m a disabled combat veteran and a single mother and all I want is to feel like I’m a contributing member of society again, I was medically retired unexpectedly due to an injury followed by a botched surgery. I had no time to prepare and my pay was then cut to less than a quarter for 9 months and then raised to half of what I was making while active duty I was fortunate enough to qualify for a program that would pay my mortgage to my house for 18 months so I put together an 18 month plan to get out of debt and be self sustaining so I could then focus on improving my health (I have 8 different specialists I have a lot going on) and then getting back to work with my passion of helping people. Everything was cut to the bare bones right before I got out, no cable, we already didn’t eat out, online subscriptions for were cut to only one and it only costs $20 a year and is educational, i was able to lower my utility bills for gas and electric down to only $40 a month. I know how to make the most out of very little because there was a period in my childhood when we lived in destitute. We ate what ever we could get for how ever long even if it was just crackers and peanut butter. I already go to food banks, I can’t get emergency assistance from the state because my disability compensation I get from the government for all the damage done to my body is just barely enough to disqualify me.

Back to today, without any warning the program that was supposed to pay my mortgage for 18 months suddenly stopped and without warning. All of their funding was cut and the program doesn’t exist anymore. If I weren’t so vigilant I wouldn’t have known they stopped paying until my mortgage company contacted me.

I had an 18 month plan and it has suddenly been cut short by MONTHS with out any sort of heads up what so ever from the program and I have already paid everything according to my plan to payoff my debt so all I have is what my daughter and I need to get through the rest of the month. I don’t have an extra $1800 and some change to just pull out of the sky in less than two weeks if I’m going to avoid a late fee, and the end of the month before they report on my credit.

I’ve reached out to the veteran friendly organizations that will help me at least get through this month and help me gat a solid plan to move forward but fuck me running. Every time I feel like I’m getting closer to being free from all of this some wild ass shit comes out of left field and it is coming at a cyclic rate. I’m frustrated, discouraged, I’m tired of killing myself to make things work and I bust my ass in my recovery and I’m just tired of getting knocked back. I’m worn thin and a bitch needs a moment to catch her breath.

This house is my dream. It isn’t big, it isn’t special but it is mine for now and I want this so bad for my daughter to have a solid home where she feels safe where she doesn’t have to worry if she is going to have to leave her friends over and over again. I was drug around the country and to other countries at a kid. I don’t have a home town, I don’t have childhood friends. I went to 13 different schools and we weren’t nearly as technologically connected then as we are now. And even if we were we wouldn’t have been able to afford it anyway.

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Im sorry that you have to go through all of this. I definitely understand when shit comes from every direction unexpectedly. Especially things that effect finances. I’d say keep taking advantage of whatever resources you can get. It seems like there’s so much out there for veterans, but like you said, there’s all this funding being cut. Even if I can’t be a help to someone I will always be able to give my support. Keep up that hussle. I’m not sure if you believe in prayer. I do, so i will pray for you, your daughter, and financial situation.

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Thank you. Ive been fighting for so long to try to get better. On top of my Marine Corps career I had a 22 year long distance running career that got completely destroyed, and now I have mobility issues and I’m also a fall risk in my own house. It is all just a lot. And I’m exhausted and frustrated.

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Hey you definitely have the fight in you and that helps. Keep that up. Have you looked into any state/fed programs that aren’t VA related?

That is my next move after I’ve contacted all the VA and independent veteran charities and programs. I’m resourceful, I’m connected I’ve just been fighting for myself for the last four almost five years since my failed suicide attempt.

I’ve put myself into as much therapy as I possibly can, unconventional and regular, I’ve done personal growth programs, I go to all my appointments I’m doing every thing I’m supposed to do. I don’t know if slinkies are still a thing or not, but they toy could shimmy on down your stairs if you gave it a little push. Most of the time that silly toy would stop right at the last step. I feel like that damn slinky that can’t get past the last step no matter how hard I’ve tried.

I know everything will work out. I know we will be fine. I would REALLY enjoy a damn break because this feels never ending.

It will work out. Somehow. It’s so damn hard to see sometimes, I know. I get needing a break too. Anyways, I try to check up on HS often when I’m up so feel free to reach out again in forums where you can get multiple responses or PMs.

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