Keep feeling stuck

Hey guys hope all is well. It’s been a while and frankly I need to be on here more. I need advice or encouragement. My depression and anxiety had been under control for the most part but the past couple months it showed its nasty self again. And no not because of the riots even though it adds to it but I’ve been staying off socials which helps. My problem is I do all these things to help and yet suicidal thoughts keep popping up on one hand its annoying on the other it’s like why do you not go away. I hate it because I’m in a spot where mostly anything in my life is good on paper you all would say hey you are doing well but yet here comes good old depression. Theres a song that’s been making me think by Jimmy Eat World called 555, this part specifically “I’m doing the things that I’m told every day, every day, every day
Then why does it feel like I’m moving in place, in place, in place?” Like I’m moving away from depression but I’m still trapped.
So sorry for the rant but how do you guys try and deal with things like this
Stay safe!!



Completely relatable man. To feel like – look, I have a really awesome life. Why the fuck am I still dealing with this? raises hand To feel like – I’m doing all of the right things, yet somehow I’m still stuck – what gives? raises hand To feel like you’ve been dealing with something for so long, shouldn’t you just be over it by now? raises hand

You’re definitely not alone man.

I think it might be helpful to start to dig in to that depression – what is going on? What are you depressed about? Can you name some of the speicifcs of what that looks like in your life?

Having a goal of at least beginning to UNDERSTAND your depression this go-around could be a really helpful thing to focus on.