Keeping busy

Hello everyone I’ve been doing a lot better than the last time I was on here. I’ve been currently been keeping myself busy by working on a story and doing research for it hopefully I can stick with it.


Hi lonelyfreak
Glad to see you’re doing better! Seems like keeping busy is a way to take your mind to a better place. Remember to also take care of yourself, it tends to be easy to get caught up in writing.
You got this,

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Yeah that’s true and thank you.

That’s great! I’m happy that you are doing better and that you’ve found something you enjoy doing. Keeping busy helps, especially when it gives you a purpose. Thanks for sharing!

This is wonderful, @lonelyfreak. What’s the story about? (If I may ask). Would the end-result be writing, or another type of production? (like video, etc.). Would love to hear about this project of yours! It sounds like it’s very stimulating right now and I’m excited for you!

It would be a comic.

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Best genre! Wishing you all the best with your project. :hrtlegolove: :hrtlovefist:

Thank you it means a lot (^-^)

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