Keeping my mouth shut

all i ever do when i speak or harm or annoy others, i’m so tired of it. i want to never talk or text again. whatd i do so wrong? is my personality really that shitty? maybe i just seem too aggressive? i don’t know… either way i’m probably just going to learn some self control and just not talk to people or tweet anything or at anybody and think for minutes before i speak so i don’t keep doing that…

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um… i understand how you feel. i’m usually extremely negative while talking. and people just stop talking to me after one conversation. but you just need to check whatever you’ve typed or thought about saying. but you don’t have a bad personalty. and you don’t seem aggressive. :slightly_smiling_face:


hey @echo

i understand how you are feeling regarding speaking, texting, or tweeting to anyone. Sometimes it is best to take a step back and re-read something once or twice before you send a messsage or weigh heavily the words you are going to say.

People are offended too easily in this day and age so it might not be you wanting to harm or annoy others.

I find it a good practice to keep your words few in an argument or heated situation so regret does not creep in later for what was said.

Hope this helps.



Hey @echo,

Communication can bring a lot of misunderstandings, especially when deep emotions are involved. And as @blacklink13x said very well, these days there is just more tension and people get irritated more easily, whether it’s online or “IRL”. It’s been a tough year for everyone, and we can feel the tension around us. In these circumstances especially, it’s more than okay to give yourself the grace and compassion you need. You don’t have to stop speaking or shut yourself down. Your voice is important and you matter. :heart:

It’s a good thing to take your time to think about what you want to express and how to say it. There’s generally no need to rush, and even if mistakes were made objectively, you can always learn from them. Communicating properly is a lot about learning constantly. There’s a lot of elements intertwined: you, your emotions, the other person, the words, the subject and the tone that are used, how everyone’s feeling already, how someone reacts, just the circumstances around any conversation… And all of this is even more complex online or through written messages because you don’t actually see the person. But there’s nothing wrong with you or your personality, friend. When something went bad, it’s good to step away a little, just to allow yoursef to feel and think more clearly. But it wouldn’t be fair to censor yourself. :heart:

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but that’s what i don’t understand. i’m not getting into arguments or anything. the complete opposite in fact. it’s either a normal conversation or, in a particular circumstance, i was trying to uplift somebody and they took it as rude. i just don’t understand. i hardly ever if rarely argue with anybody seriously so i don’t really have an issue with that

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