Kind of an update to my last post

So in my last post i talked about how i got dumped by my first real actual love last week and how i didn’t know what to do since i didn’t want to lose her from my life, but also wouldn’t be able to see her with someone else. Well, we were supposed to meet up and talk today about the whole situation, but we never did. This is because i got a text from her saying that she wanted me to know that she started seeing another guy (whom i probably know, from what i can understand) during the whole time she lied to me about still having feelings for me and such. So if i wasn’t completely devestated before i sure am now.

So with my tearfilled eyes and (even more) broken heart i did the most adult thing i knew i could do. I wished her the best of luck in her life and removed her from every single part of my life, even if it pained me extremely much to do so. And now i feel this really big emptiness in soul(i’ve been dumped before, but never this bad).

Thanks for sharing this. I am so sorry to hear it ended this way. That is painful. It’s especially tough when you know that the person you loved actually moved on and is dating someone new. That sucks. I am sure you were at least looking forward to talking to her in person to get some closure.

Honestly, it’s incredible that you did what you did. The fact that you wished her the best in her life shows true strength and character. That’s amazing! It doesn’t make it easier to deal with the very real pain and heartache but you took an enormous step in personal healing. Way to go!

It’s okay if you feel lonely and empty for now, that’s normal. But the fact that you basically forgave her and wished her the best should mean your healing comes faster.
I hope each day and each hour gets a bit easier. Go do some things you enjoy in life. I know you may not want to but it could help.

Stay strong! You will get through this.

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