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@kitboga message to you

Hey Kit. I wanted to come on here to let you know how much you’ve impacted my year. You have helped me with some dealt situations of not wanting to be here on this earth. To being done with life. Watching your stream along with Bob Ross really helped with creating the pathways in my brain with the constant validation of I matter.

My grandmother passed away in June a week after her birthday. I had told her often about how much you make me laugh and told her about the scams you talk about. On the way to the hospital to wait for the mortuary I was listening to your tracks inspired by you on sound cloud and the song where you are Edna and you are talking about landing in the stars even if you miss for the moon and I broke down. It was so moving that the song came on that I pulled over and just wept with tears of someone being there for me even in a song. That song every time it comes on, stays on to remember that moment and remember that my grandma would tell me that about life.

You are an inspiration to so many people and I can’t tell you enough how much you are an inspiration in my life.

Slaying those dragons all day,




Thanks for the kind words. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season no matter how you celebrate it.

Stay safe, Zephirah


The same to Zephirah :purple_heart:

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Thank you @Alyssabaymax for sharing such a heartfelt message to our wonderful Kit. It is so humbling and inspiring too see how much of an impact his content and beautiful community have been having on you, especially during such heartbreaking times.

I have no doubt that your grandmother was a real treasure, just like you’ve always been to her as well.

Merry Christmas, friend. May the new year incoming be full of wonderful memories for you to cherish and create.

You matter so very much. :hrtlegolove:

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