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Kuhneye Fan #1

I’m both a college student and a Resident advisor for my dorm. Its crazy hard right now, as not only do I feel like I’m drowning in my school work and having anxiety attacks from that, I’m dealing with many other peoples issues as I’m their RA. Its just a lot of stuff to handle and I’m slowly losing my grip

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Hello Kuhneye Fan#1 it’s understandable why you are stressed out. I would be if I was in your shoes. My advice to you is to take time for yourself. During a weekend might as well do your any homework you need to get done and spend your time with a friend or family member you haven’t been able to see in a while. Try to have a day off just for you or take a nap! You might want to also just stay home and catch up with some things you haven’t done in a while like reading or drawing, swimming, riding a bike etc. You might also want to talk to a friend about you or write down your feelings to sort things out or have your worries written down to keep them out of your head. Have you tried going to a library? You might find a book you will like! Make some time for yourself. Don’t just care for others and set your feelings aside. Your a human being too. Try having a nice dinner or take a walk. Stay strong I’ma here if you want to keep talking.

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I know as an RA you’re supposed to be there for the other students in your dorm, but you also need to be there for you. I agree that you should make a point to take time for yourself. Not just for your own school work, but for your health. Whether it’s staying in and watching mindless tv, taking a nap, catching up on a hobby or hanging out with someone. You need to take time for yourself and balance between school, responsibilities as an RA and your social life. Easier said than done, I know. I genuinely hope things get easier for you. We’re always here if you need more support <3


Spreading yourself thin can be very taxing. Take some time out for yourself. Take a day to binge all of the Harry Potter movies, or Lord of the Rings or whatever you’re interested in. Go get a full body massage. Take up a new hobby that really invigorates your mind. #you’refingawesome :metal:t2: