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Last weekend living at home

Dude it’s my last weekend living at my parents’ house! I honestly never dreamed I would be moving out and starting with a completely fresh start. New city, new job, new home. It’s pretty surreal.
But it’s also very chaotic. I’m still packing even though I move in 4 days. I’m about 75% there. Just a lot of things I either have to wait on or don’t know how to pack. But my room is a hot mess. Today was probably the first day I’ve seen my floor in a few days. I struggle with sleep when my room is a mess, so I’ve had a hard time with that lately (although it has been bad for a few weeks thanks to the holidays and crazy travel days). It’s also been in the single digits the past few days, which makes my poorly insulated corner room freezing. I’m also still trying to tie some loose ends with my apartment and work. Add the struggles of packing over 20 years worth of stuff and my life has been kinda crazy.
One thing that I’ve really notice is how different it’s going to be with my anxiety. There’s so many times this week where I’ve noticed I did something and thought, wow I won’t have to be worried about this again. For example, I had a moment at dinner where my dad questioned my heart support hoodie. I had avoided wearing it around him because I know he isn’t a big fan of mental health stuff and I didn’t want to hear a lecture from him every time I wore it. After the fact though, I realized I never have to pick and wear clothes with his opinion in mind. I can wear whatever I want. I can try out the styles I like and wear clothes that are comfy for me. There’s so many other things I’ll be able to do that I can’t do living at home (calling friends, watching movies I like, picking what church I go to and how involved I get, etc). But to be able to have little freedoms like that takes away the dumb little anxieties I’ve had to deal with for the past 2 years. And that feels nice.


Congratulations! I believe you’ll be much happier, and get to know yourself much better. Try not to pack stuff that you no longer have an attachment to. An uncluttered fresh start is nice.


how great, I can feel some of the mental weights falling off already as you prepare for the move.

We’re here for you! It made me so happy inside to hear the joy you expressed in wearing what you want, representing HS with your hoodie, and being able to do so freely without worrying about someone’s opinion. That’s really great!


Hey @beth_the_fake_ginger, I hope this new transition is going as smoothly as possible for you.

So freaking proud of you. Sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way. :hrtlegolove:


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From: Micro

Hey Beth, how is this life transition going so far? Your topic was highlighted on the Discord server (#discord-support-wall) and thought it was a beautiful opportunity to check in with you. The first weeks can be intense with lots of things to do. Hope you hang in there and manage to have a clear perspective, but also that you take good care of yourself! <3

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Thanks so much for checking in! It means so much to me. I actually was gonna write a post about it (and probably still will). It’s been great and rough at the same time. I think I’m adjusted with the regular life stuff like cleaning and cooking for myself. I’m even looking to adopt a pet (haven’t determined if I’m getting a cat or dog but I’m leaning cat). Work has been pretty insane. The training is kicking my butt. I’m thankfully in the last half of it. But the past two weeks I’ve had to pull a lot of overtime to catch up and I’m still not fully there. I had a pretty terrible group project and that drained me. I was reassigned to a new group for our capstone project, and they seem really good. So that’s comforting. I’m just waiting to see what it’s like after the training. Everyone has said the training is a lot harder than the actual job, so I’m just hoping it eases up when I’m done with training. I also started therapy, which I’m gonna save that for a separate post. Obviously that’s a whole big thing, but I’m really happy and grateful to finally get the help I’ve wanted for 2 years. It’s been challenging, but knowing I’m not stuck at my parents house and I have a say in my life helps.