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Let's Build A Collaborative Playlist On Spotify! UPDATED


Hey there! I’m Ethan, if you watch the live streams you’ll know me as StevenHawkingTalkingDirty or Ethan(StevenHawkingTalkingDirty) on Discord. Spotify has a type of playlist where anyone can add songs but only the creator of the playlist can remove them(so no worrying about trolling). Why don’t we build one together?

The only rules I have for it are
Keep it somewhat clean
Keep the genres on topic to playlist
Don’t add entire albums at once.
There’s no limit to how many songs you can put but don’t add entire albums/discographies please!!!

The link for the Metal playlist is here.
The link for the Indie/Soft Pop is here.
The link for the EDM playlist is here.
The link for the Lo-Fi playlist is here.
The link for the Rock playlist is here
Hold fast, you’re worth it!

EDIT: Ok so lets build more than 1 but they’re all dedicated to different genres of music!


I dont have spoitify but can i recommend “everything monstercat” to the EDM playlist. Awesome Thanks -crab raves-



I feel like you’re the kind of guy whos gonna have crab rave as your wedding dance song lmaooooooo.

All jokes aside I have a bit of monstercat in there already fam but i’ll def add more. You should get spotify, it’s free and its useful my dude.


Oooohhhh! this is great, thanks!


Hey Ethan,

I hope that you are doing well my friend! Please remember that you are loved, you are wanted, and that you and your feelings are valid.

That’s a super cool idea, and although I don’t have any ideas for songs to add, I’ll definitely be looking at the playlist and listening them to find some more music to add to my listening collection.

Hold Fast, You’re Worth It,


This is awesome!!! I wanted to add a few jams to the Metal playlist but didn’t see how to…is there a way to add songs or do I just put my requests to add here?!


Just follow the playlist and you’ll be able to add them as if it is your own playlist! Collaborative playlists on spotify are super neat that way!