Life is fallin apart

So I know I just posted yesterday about my story. Well I’m stuck ever since I left my abusive husband everything seems to fall apart except the fact that I got a job but I don’t think I’ll be able to keep that or where I’m living cuz my car is breaking and I have no other vehicle I work 45 mins from my house and if I lose my job I’m gonna lose everything my car means something and I can’t get a loan cuz my husband ruined my credit went and tryed to get a loan today and the sales person basically laughed in my face. I’m fallin and I don’t know what to do! I’m scared I’m gonna lose it all and then it’s the end!


I thought about setting up a go fund me but the sad truth is I lost everything when I left my abusive husband

Hey friend -

I am so sorry that you are struggling right now. I can empathize with you in that I have been there. It feels like the entire world is working against you. However, I truly believe that things have a funny way of working out, and life works in mysterious ways. First of all, I want to commend you on your courage to leave your abusive ex husband, that was a HUGE step!!! I really believe things will start to look up for you! In the mean time, keep spreading the message about your go fund me page!!

We all love you!!

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Friend I am so sorry this is going on but let me say this it is okay to ask for help. I know how hard it is to leave some where abusive I am currently working on that. So you are not alone in that. I also want to say that I truly hope that soon something works out. I hope that your car starts working soon if not know that we are here for you. I hope you dont loose everything that is for sure I know that there is a light at the end of this. Have you contacted any abuse shelters a lot of times they can help you with getting stuff like a better credit set up or even a better car to help you. I know in my town they have one that will make sure you have the means to get yourself on your feet. Perhaps this could be something you look into.

Hopefully something pans out. Until than know that we are in your corner and we care about you.

Hold fast,

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Hey @Rawrathena42,

I’m so sorry to hear about your rough situation, but I’m proud of you for standing up against your abusive husband and leaving him. It takes a strong woman to do that, and I can guarantee you that you made an important step toward your complete healing. Life may seem difficult right now, being on your own, but I promise you that it’ll get better. The ground is a little rocky underneath your feet, but once it settles, you can start building your stronghold. Hold on - you can do this!!