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Life is important, I think

Today has been a weird day. I woke up to see people commenting on a news article online, and it weighed heavy on my heart. The news article described someone in a position of authority in NHS (UK healthcare system) telling the leader of a group for people with autism that they need DNRs in case they get COVID and get really sick. That amounts to saying that people with autism should be left to die if they get critically sick; that people who don’t fit societal norms are a burden and don’t deserve the extra care that may be needed. Reading that hurt. A lot. It’s been weighing on me all day. Please know that autism, or Down’s syndrome, or anything else that might make it hard to feel normal doesn’t make you any less worthy of life or love or care. It feels important to say that.


Hey @person2 - your message is very important. Thank you for sharing it here. Online comments on news articles are the worst - in my humble opinion. Beyond the trolls of all kinds, if I start to read that kind of thing, I always end to be very emotional and frustrated. I’m not even sure if people truly mean what they write or if it’s just to be provocative and create some division. A bit like thinking: “well it’s Internet and that’s just how it is”. Well… it doesn’t have to be like this. It’s still not okay that someone take time during their day to make this kind of comment. It’s awful. And I’m truly sorry that you were hurt by it. I hope that when you are affected by that kind of thing, then you can rest and recharge emotionally. Just to feel safe and at peace again.

Take good care of yourself friend. And thank you again for sharing. :hrtlegolove: