Life is too hard! I want peace. Struggling! Can I go on?

life can be tough my advice i can give to you is the only one that worked for me and that was Jesus i was in a depressed state and felt like things were falling apart but he saved me he loves us so much and you can have a relationship with him the creator of everything he will lift you up and make you strong in him all you must do is repent and trust in him like a parachute on a high place we are not saved by works but by what he done on cross by taking our punishment and sins. All i ask is for you to think about it for Jesus was the only way i got free.

A little poem i made about the subject: Jesus, what a wonderful name that saved my soul in a time of darkness and unrighteousness I never thought I could feel this way. I was wrapped in death and depression afraid to confess for I thought that only hell would await. How can it be that he saved a wretch like me I don’t deserve it, but he loves me he died for me while I was dancing with the devil, he died for me while I didn’t even know him. Open your eyes look at this dead and painful world no wonder why the suicide rate is increasing do you not know how much God loves you and cares for you in the storm you can trust in him through the trials and temptations for sad times and good forevermore his love is always there, only if you would reach out and follow him condemning your old self and taking on the new for through him we are a new creation. I’m not saying I’m perfect and have everything figured out I’m far from it, but I pray that you would come to know him for Jesus is all you could ever need.


Rachel…I am standing right there with you. In 2014 my husband of 21 yrs left on one hours notice. Her was moving in with a 23 yr old college student. He left me and our daughter with no money and no where to live. The next 3yrs were a nightmare. But things are better now.
You can do this. Look how far you’ve come already. I know it feels like the world is crushing you. Everything seems out of your control and all you want is for it to stop. And I promise it will. But it will be hard and take time. Please forget about suicide. Neither ex-husband or the drunk abuser are worth your life. Show you don’t need either if them. Live. Go forward and build a new life in your term’s. You deserve it. And they don’t deserve a backwards glance.
As for the peace it WILL come. You will be able to catch your breath again believe me on this. It’s taken awhile. But I am finally getting there. You will too.
If you need someone I will be right here waiting… I’ll walk this road with you. Your not alone.


I sometimes don’t know if I can make it! I did find a better job, now my estranged ex-husband is trying to modify my alimony. It is always something in my life that backs me into a corner. The harder I try, the more someone tries to hurt me! Will I ever get out of this hard life! I’m have an astronomical student loan; I can’t get a house until I start paying it way down. I’m living in an office for $300 a month to save! He is going to make this a big court thing! Lawyers, etc. I’m very tired!!!

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