Life seems to be falling apart

I seem to make progress with my life only for some little shoe to drop and it’s like no you really are going anywhere any time soon. Because of some stupid mistakes, I made early on what little progress I make people seem to interfere with my progress saying they are trying to help me well maybe from their point of view but it really just makes thing worse

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Hi friend, I don’t know your situation or what all is going on, but I can certainly relate to that feeling I’m not being able to get where I want to. And feeling stuck.

You say that some people interfere with your progress. Are these friends? Family members? Are these people that you need to distance from? Or are they people you just need to sit down and talk to and explain what you are going through and help them understand what you need?

I’m sorry friend. I don’t fully know what is going on but I want you to know that I see you. I care. And want you to know that you can open up here as you need and we will try our best to support you and encourage you. We may not be able to resolve the problem but we can offer compassion and love.

I hope it gets better for you.

  • Kitty
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