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Live Meditation and Gratitude List

Hey friends! Meditation has been something that I’ve grown to really love when it comes to self care! So I decided it would be fun to do some meditation’s together. In this video I go through 2 mediations. The first one is a loving kindness meditation, and the second one is a meditation for anyone who experiencing anxiety due to Corona virus! Then we create a gratitude list together!

Comment below with your thoughts and 3 things you are grateful for today!


I’m currenly trying to find my own morning routine and implement different things in it. Today I tried the kindness meditation, and I absolutely love it. Usually breathing meditation makes me cry, but this one brought a big smile to my face. It feels good to be reminded of loving feelings and focus on them.
Thank you for this video.

3 things I’m grateful for today:

  • :coffee: The coffee I’m drinking - first of the day, always the best!
  • :books:The local library. It gives me the opportunity to read the comics I loved as a kid.
  • :musical_note: Jazz music. It brings all the chilling vibes in the morning - but also just in general.

To anyone reading this: may your day be filled with joy. :hrtlegolove:

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Hi @Micro it’s great you found a daily meditation. Thanks for the joy today I hope you joy today.

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