Lobrowatch Fan #6

I’ve been feeling down as of late. I’ve been either sleeping too much or not at all and my boyfriend said I’ve lost the sparkle in my eye. I bottle up my feelings and don’t know what or how to talk about how I’m feeling even though I know he’ll be there for me.


If at all possible, make an appointment to talk to a professional about it. Take your boyfriend with you for support if you need it. It’s good that you and he are seeing the start of your Mental Health turning, you just need to take the next step :slight_smile:


Take some deep breaths and just go for it. We’re not here to judge. Open up a bit about your feelings. Then little by little say what you’re feeling.

Maybe speak to someone else about things first, if you are unsure about talking to him or how to talk to him. A friend or even someone online may be able to give you some advice or just an ear to listen to about things and then you may feel strong enough to talk to your boyfriend about it all.