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My dad doesnt understand my depression & i dont want to start self harm… I still take therapy. But My Mom Might Be Taking Me To VidCon 2020 if i get A’s & B’s!! I see it as a way to help me calm & meet people! But i still stuggle.

No one needs to understand it but you. Therapy is a great place to be if you have the right provider! Having something to look forward to, and work towards is a great thing! Small steps are they way to go

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I have the same issue, my mom doesn’t understand my depression and it really sucks. I’d try to surround yourself with friends that care and understand. If you need someone to talk to my Instagram: lukedaghoul my phone number: 7169490898


going to therapy is sooo huge! its so much bigger then you might feel now but imagine where you were before you went! you are on the way up and you’re doing amazing!!! <3

Thanks for this support!! I didnt was scared to send this unknown or known!!! Thanks

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