Loneliness. I hate this

Today I’ve been depressed, but also angry about the stuff that has happen to me these past few days. I feel alone and with no company. I always ask myself why In every relationship I’m always the one getting cheated on and lied too. I’m I too nice? Do I need to be more mean? Do I need to put my foot down and protect myself every time? Just when you trust the people that won’t hurt you, they end up hurting you the most. This is unfair that she still hurts me and she’s going to go and be happy while I’m going to be hurting and upset that I went through this. She decided to pick a guy that she met for a few months instead of picking somebody who new her for 10 years plus , and 5 years as a couple. I need help. I’m scared if I will always be alone . What if I don’t did my “one”. I hate this loneliness, because that’s when the dark thoughts appear.

Please help. With anything.

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Hey friend,

First of all, thank you for having the courage to share your life with us. Just remember you are not alone. Never be afraid to reach out to any support system you have, this being one of them.

I’m really sorry you’ve been hurt. Yes, this is life and those things happen, but it still sucks. A lot. I can’t put myself in your shoes but I can tell you that there is hope. I believe you can find your “one.” And I also believe that there is not a “one” for everyone, for several reasons I don’t feel like going into right now. Instead I believe that there are a lot of people that can work as your “one” and it’s just a matter of choosing someone to be your one. If that makes sense. In other words, I really believe you will eventually find someone you can picture loving and sharing life with forever, and you can make them your “one”. There are a few reasons I think this way about it, but I hope it’s encouraging because it means you don’t have to spend the rest of your life searching for this one perfect person with whom you will live happily ever after – because in all honesty that person does not exist. It’s bittersweet but I feel like it will give you some hope in this situation.

I don’t think it’s possible to be too nice. Being kind, especially when people hurt you, is a gift. It seems like you have that kind of gift, and I would encourage you to keep that up. That kindness will help you move on from being hurt and to find hope and joy. Being nice to someone despite them hurting you is the first step to moving on with positivity and optimism. Keep it up.

Hold fast. You’ll get through this.