Lonely and Feeling Irrelevant Most of the Time

Hi, I’m Lonely and Feeling Irrelevant Most of the Time. I don’t know where to go to meet new friends. Some days I get up very late, as I wake up so depressed and tired. I am 52 and still single and I yearn for companionship, romance and intimacy and also children of my own. The cruelty in this World against animals and humans gets me down too.

Word of advise. Don’t let current events get you down. Care only what you do to relieve the stress over worrying what others are or could be doing.

My only suggestion that you might not have think of is to use online dating opportunities. Nowadays dating seem to stem from being online even though locality events still exist. I personally live in a college town that have small clubs like Eagles, Moose & Elks. These clubs along with a few others & the churches run a lot of the activities in my town outside of the college. So if there are any kind of Organizations like these in your area (similar doesn’t have to be the same) I suggest paying attention to their events calendars.

I also suggest hitting your local cafe shops (they use to be for the young college kids, but now they’re for everyone). Another place that everyone seem to forget is the library. A lot of clubs and events are run there as well.

As for feeling irrevelant. I suggest connecting more with the people you have, or volunteering somewhere or even finding some work (if you’re not still working).

I hope more good comes your direction.

thank you very much for that, Gamer!

libraries in England are very quiet places these days - mostly only kids and old people go to them here…

i am going to JW Meetings and one of their Elders is having chats with me at home about all sorts of stuff (i used to be a Christadelphian, btw)

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