Lonely missing my soulmate

I thought I would share my journal. I listen to music and I feel better. I get so lonely without my soulmate. I miss my family my mum. It’s been 13 years since I did water contamination environmental protection and it has been a journey with the soulmate game that was setup in January 2007. I don’t want to be on earth but in my own glaxay gooberz some days. I miss my soulmate.

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Thank you for sharing. Loneliness can be such a deep emptiness. One that spirals on itself. Because when you feel that emptiness, you seek to fill it with the one person that you miss. And so the loneliness deepens. It is a difficult season to endure. I’m proud of you for your courage to continue forward.

It’s what keeps me looking forward and motivated and inspired ’ I will find my soulmate’ the holy grail.

Thank you Nate. I love to read journal and watch movies and spend time with my family. I don’t feel so lonely when I do things I love.