Looking back, regrets are haunting me every now and then

So, ever have a thought where it’s like, “I shouldnt have done this?” or “Why did I do this?” That’s also what I’m coping in a regular basis too. Both regrets and depression. It always affects me even I knew, it’s wrong. But not to be psycho about it, it’s more of just pulling me back even I tried to fight it back. I’ve always wanted to reach my compatibility of my pursuing achievements to see which are what I’m committed and what I love to do too! That’s why I decided to save money for the equipment I need to do it. However, with my money always paid for my consequences and materials I didn’t really need. Now, it’s like going to square one. I don’t always blame myself that I lived in a awful lifestyle I had in past. It just how it is, I believe that not everyone lived to easy. Because to be truthful for where I use to live, I used to live in a island but, in a urban (or suburban) neighborhood where not many are rich. But, just trying cope what they have. What I’m happy for is that, one of my family members is working as a bank agent (or something like that). Yet, it always hunts me to this day that I shouldnt have done those things that made stuck onto square one. That’s why I also blame myself for my careless decisions.

Hi, Lonewolf,

You know, I think a lot of us have done things through out our life, both present and past that we may want to regret. It’s easy to look back over things and wish we had done things a little differently. Especially if where we are now could be a little better had we chosen to do things better.

But, with that said, we can’t change the past. We can only change our NOW and take control of what we do in the future.

I try not to spend too much time in regret. Because I know that I will never be able to change the things I did in the past. It’s something that is said and done. Yes, we may have to pay for the consequences of those choices…BUT, moving forward we can actively try to make better decisions so we don’t fall into that situation again.

We live, we do and we learn through the things that we do and experience.

Maybe just ask yourself what you did that you feel you could have done differently and then set some small goals for yourself that will help you do better moving forward.

What kinds of things would help you do better? What kinds of things would help you reach your goal? What kinds of things do you need to do to help you prevent from repeating the same mistake again? Try to focus on those things. And don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you feel like you need it.

But like I said, living in regret will only slow us down and make us feel bad. Instead of letting regret haunt you, instead try to focus on the things that can help you get out of that cycle of regret. That way you don’t have to stay stuck feeling that way. <3

Good luck to you my friend.

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