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Hi, I’ve been stuck at home like many during the pandemic and lately I just find myself feeling very fatigued and tired all the time all I want to do is just lay in my bed. I’ve been told lately by my housemates that it’s just laziness. But I really don’t feel alright I spend hours on the internet and sometimes most of my time just staying in bed I’m just feeling really sad and lost. Has anyone ever had this problem? How do I break this cycle I just want to feel not tired anymore. Thanks for reading


I went through that too, and I did find that spending some more time outside enjoying other hobbies helped. It took a little while to break through it. Being sad does make it hard to want to do anything and does mentally drain a person.
Sometimes certain foods can also make you feel a bit sluggish as well (lots of sugar/carbs).
Maybe you could start with something small like replanting something in the garden or going for a short walk?
If you’re feeling like there’s something more going on you could always talk with a GP? Hope you’re feeling better soon.


Oh my gosh I totally feel this >.< I think things were better when I had classes, so i was occupied with a schedule! One of my hobbies is bullet journaling, and to see everything so empty makes me… feel weird because I want to do things, you know? Over the summer especially, I started going for walks and being outside. I’ve been sick the past few days, but going outside was nice. (Not covid!) Going outside helps with vitamin D, which is potentially something you may have low? Low vitamin D can make you more depressed and tired. NHS (I’m not even british so idk why it was the first thing…) has a list with food that has it.

So, maybe try planning a schedule - waking up at x time, going to bed at x. Spend y amount of time doing one hobby, y amount on a different hobby, and z on a different hobby.

I also agree with @e.thehuman about seeing your doctor. They can tell for sure if you have low vitamin D and if it’s depression, they can guide you to resources. If you don’t see a therapist, I would highly suggest finding one! I know HeartSupport has resources to help with that somewhere… Seeing my therapist more regularly as really helped me during the pandemic, and you can do it online as well. (I only went in person this past week for a new type of therapy… same therapist thank God.)
My mom (who is studying to be a nurse practitioner in mental health) says that everyone should go to therapy, so we can take care of our minds since it’s just as important as our body :slight_smile:

Hopefully something I’ve said will help. I’m so glad you reached out :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart:


I have that problem, and the best way for breaking it for me is to play pretend… I know I’m weird.
It still is not completely broken though.

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Oh @Lessthanthree, you are definitely not alone to feel that way. The pandemic + lockdowns are very overwhelming and it can be really challenging to find some motivation in this context. For me it comes in waves, and struggling with a depression already doesn’t really help. So it’s a situation that comes and goes, more or less. Being emotionally drained is a real struggle, and it does manifests with a lot of fatigue. You really are not lazy for going through a rough time.

I totally agree with @e.thehuman and @sakurasangel, seeing your doctor at first will be a very good step. They can do a medical checkup and see if your body lacks of something. On the other hand, breaking this cycle will require small steps. When we’re running out of energy we can be tempted to make a giant to do list and set a lot of things to do, but it’s really important to take it easy and to celebrate your improvements.

If you could think of a new routine, what would you add to it? For me personally, when I’m stuck in a depressive cycle, I need to think a little bit of what I do everyday/what are my automatisms, so I can add small changes here and there. For example, instead of drinking my coffee in front of the computer in the morning, I’ll spend 5 minutes on the balcony with my mug instead, breathing some fresh air or enjoying the sun, then I can do whatever. After eating something, I’ll try to wash a little bit of the dishes before I do something else. I’ll try to set a morning routine that makes me want to get up because it wouldn’t be overwhelming.

Setting a timer when you try to do something can also help. You can try to do something for 5 minutes, but you try to be commited to it during those 5 minutes. It’s not just a matter of motivation though. But sometimes we need to hijack a little bit our mind so from our actions comes the motivation, and not the opposite. I know it’s not easy though, so try to be gentle with yourself, as much as possible. We are collectively going through a rough time. It’s okay to slow down a little and create a new space for yourself if you feel like everything is dragging you back. You got this. :heart:

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