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Losing everything


Great. My boyfriends moving a million miles away… he’s going back home because he can’t handle living with my brother screaming and shaking the house, beating the hell out of everyone. Neither can I but I’m stuck here. My moms a complete mess and I can barley breathe and I’m losing the one person I love. All I wanted was to feel safe and happy for once but it always gets ripped away and now I won’t ever get to see him again.


@PikachuNerd I’m sorry you are not doing well. Do you have friends in actual life that you can seek comfort?


Please take a step back from everything and focus on you. Practice some self care, do what you love.

Maybe take a walk, a shower, anything that makes you calm. You’re gonna get through this. We all believe in you.

Just take a step back, remember to breathe.

It’s ok to not be ok right now; it’s just not ok to stay that way.

We are here to listen, we care.



Is there a reason why you can’t move beside your bf? I mean is he moving alone or is he with his family? Why can’t you be with him?


I can’t relate at all to how you feel or understand how hard it must be for you, all I can do is wish you the best of luck with whatever choices you make now.


He may move back with his family, who are super far away from me. I can’t move too because I have to go to college next year where I live currently.


Thank you very much. :heart:


Thank you soooo much. :heart:


Thank you very much, and no sadly XD


Could you go to your college then transfer over to a college near him?


I guess I could, but he lives in a really bad place that I wouldn’t want to go to /: