Lost and don’t know what to do

I feel so lost in life I don’t know what to do anymore. I feel like I’m a burden on everyone I talk to. I’m lost and stuck in a place I have no clue where to go. Every step I take things get worse it seems I try to get myself into a better place but it always fails. Tired of feeling lost, stuck and a burden on people.

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Hi Adam,

Finding help can sometimes feel like shouting in the middle of an ocean during a storm. It feels like it’s hopeless and that no one will hear you. But I just want you to know that I hear you. You are not a burden. And maybe your previous steps have not lead in the right direction, but that doesn’t mean nothing will ever help. You just being here and reaching out is a positive step and I hope more positive steps follow.
Stay strong.


The support wall honestly was the only place I could think to reach out for this till I go to my next appointment.

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Sorry I’m reading this so late Adam.
How did your appointment go?