Lost and feeling stuck

I don’t really know what to do at this point. Rarely do I sleep more than a couple hours in a night. I can barely make enough money to pay the bills let alone go to counseling/therapy (it’s unaffordable and insurance doesn’t cover it). I’m absolutely terrified of burdening people around me by wanting to talk to them on a regular basis about the fact that I hate myself or feel worthless. I feel exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically and sometimes it’s just hard to keep going. I just want rest. I just want to know what it’s like to relax and have peace

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@Jesse I know it’s hard right now and I’m sorry that you’re struggling. Thank you for reaching out. This community is no substitute for therapy or counselling but I strongly believe that getting involved in the discord if you’re not already could do you some good as there’s a place you can vent and talk about how you’re feeling. Also I would recommend looking to see if there is anyway that you can get support looking into counselling/therapy. You can beat this. Keep fighting.

Hold fast


Hey @Jesse,

I’m so sorry to hear about the difficult situations that you’re battling. I’m currently trying to sleep better as well, and I recently just started taking melatonin tablets 20 minutes before bedtime, and I think they’re actually working! Have you tried this?

There’s a counseling business near my house in Nashville where they charge you based on a sliding scale (i.e. the lower income you bring in, the lower they charge you). Is there a place like this around where you live? I would highly recommend checking it out!

I agree with @Kayla about getting involved with HeartSupport’s discord. It is a perfect place to talk about how you’re feeling without any judgement (and the response times seem to be a little quicker than posting on the forums). You’re strong! You got this. Please keep reaching out.



Thank you so much for the response. I haven’t tried melatonin, but I’ve heard it mentioned by people. I might have to give it a try.

I haven’t heard of anything like the place by you in Nashville, but that’d be amazing. I’ll have to search around, I had no idea anything like that existed.

As for the discord, how do I get involved there? Is it still through the app? I’ll definitely look into it. Thanks again for the response, y’all as a community have always been such a huge help. I realize it’s no substitute, but sometimes just having somewhere to write out what I’m experiencing and get honest, caring feedback is what I need to help feel heard or understood. It gives me motivation to be there for others in any way I can as well. Y’all make such a huge difference

@Eric @Kayla

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Yes! It’s jsut like joining any other discord server :slight_smile:


Dear, @Jesse
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