Lost and overwhelmed with emotions

Lately I have felt so overwhelmed by emotions and felt so alone. I don’t know why I’m feeling this way. I’m tired of being happy and then going to being super down. I try to be happy but it never lasts. I know it sounds dumb but it’s so exhausting. I don’t feel like I have anyone I can just express my emotions too I just have kept them contained till they just explode out of me. I look at other people that are so happy and think why can’t I just be like that and I try my hardest to be but life always decides to throw stuff at me to stop it. I feel like I’m in a constant loop of pain emotionally and physically. I know this post is just all over the place but I just needed to get it out and been wanting to for a long time.

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I hear you my friend. I go through bursts of energy and feeling great and then bursts of feeling an ultimate low. I go through extreme emotions and feeling like I’m not good enough and like I’d be better off gone. But I know deep down this isn’t true.

Something to keep in mind, that sometimes people appear to be so happy but that doesn’t mean that at home away from public that they don’t have their own pain and struggles. Even people appear to be very happy battle with depression. They just may not showcase it.

Life has a funny way of throwing things at us huh? And sometimes it feels like it doesn’t just throw one thing but all of the things all at once and then it just feels overwhelming and impossible to get through.

I hear you my friend. I see you. And I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time right now. It’s important to reach out to the things that make you feel good or that you find joy in. What kind of things do you enjoy doing? Any hobbies? Are there things you’d like to do but find hard doing that you could try challenging yourself to do?

For me that’s been trying to volunteer myself. I reached out to a neighbor and volunteered to hang out with her developmentally delayed daughter even though I suffer with severe social anxiety. I reached out to a couple things this week to volunteer my time and force myself to be active in something. While I’m struggling and it’s hard. It’s really helped me feel good in something.

Just know that you are important and you matter. We care about you and want you to be okay. I may not be able to resolve your struggles but I want you to know that I see and hear you. I support you. I care. And everything you feel is so valid.

Thanks for taking the time to reach out here. I know it’s not always easy opening up. But I’m glad you did.

We are here to walk with you my friend

Hold fast


Hey Adam,

Thank you for reaching out, especially if you’ve been feeling like you have no one to reach out to. Please know that you are not alone.

It’s not dumb to feel unhappy or to struggle to find happiness. It’s human. It’s actually great that you are recognizing that struggle and wanting to overcome it, rather than letting it eat you away. For that I’m proud of you.

Sometimes it can seem like everyone around us is living perfect lives and is happy all the time. Social media makes this illusion even worse. But I promise you that you are not alone in your struggles for happiness. Rates of depression are increasing, and while that sucks it can be comforting to know that you are not the only one.

It’s in the struggles where we find the most growth, and after you get through a lot of tough stuff, the happiness that follows is that much more special. Sometimes it feels impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s always there and the harder it is to see, the brighter it’s going to be. So when life keeps throwing things your way, try to believe that and have faith in that. The constant pain will come to an end.

Thank you for getting this off your chest. It’s important. You can do this; we all believe in you.


Its happen man, I get into those moods too. I remeber one my favorite role Alan Watts said, you cant have happy without saddness. Becuase saddness is part of being human. Happy and Sad are on the same coin and not that much diffenerent. Please feel better man!

Hey there Adam! First of all I’m super proud of you for realizing what the problem is and that you had the courage to share it with us, it’s not easy for everyone so you are free to rest easy for that!

Now, like other people have suggested, finding a hobby or something to keep you active might help you drastically! I recently volunteered to become a mentor to a troubled youth, now I’m just waiting for the organization to match me with a mentee! If you have that kind of buddy system in your area, that might be worth looking into as well!

Please know that we are here for you, if you need us, we are listening to you and we hear you. Also please, don’t be afraid of hitting any of us with a message, if you need someone to talk with privately!