Lost in life :(

I guess I just feel completely lost rn, had a very good promising career start last year that was ruined due to covid and other stuff, my mental health went very very down, im only finallyy recovering, but as i am recovering, and have less to be upset by, I keep getting memories of events last year, events that hurt me, and also lost, i am unfit to work atm but im upset by that, idk what i want to do with my life, im just so lost and confused.idk how long i will be in this current state i am, how long the world will be paused by covid, idk i just feel lost and am scared my talents will go wasted as well as my potential.idk if i want to carry on what was put on hold last year or do otherthings, i just feel so worthless atm.


You are certainly not alone in having your life upended by covid. Even after the pandemic is over, there are many areas that will not return to the same state compared to pre-pandemic. The pandemic has left a permanent mark in the world, and I think you should extend the same courtesy to yourself by giving yourself some time and understanding to reflect on your post-pandemic trajectory. Some general thoughts:

  1. You mention your talents and potential but it sounds like there is some uncertainty if you want to remain in the career that was suspended due to covid. Do you have maybe some work/ industry contacts that could help you understand the current job prospects and timeline for a return closer to normal in that career area?

  2. Do you have a friend or family member who could be another set of eyes to help you review your options as far as switching job areas compared to staying in the same area? It might be helpful to define what the possible alternatives are, and then evaluate with this trusted person in terms of your interests, abilities, and financial/ personal situation.

  3. Do you think there are lessons learned or benefits from the events of last year or are they traumatic in nature because covid was outside of everyone’s control? Especially if it is the latter, it may be helpful to think of these memories in the context of you were trying to do the best that you could under extraordinary circumstances.


During quarantine, the world closed in on you. Returning to the much larger world of non-quarantine is scary. I think that’s why you’ve lost confidence and feel “unfit.” Believe me, besides a little lack of practice, you have all the abilities and potential you’ve ever had.

“Lost and confused?” You are in a set of circumstances no one could have prepared for. You also have a measure of freedom to re-invent yourself. It’s amazing how many talents fit into diverse careers. It’s also amazing how many talents are discovered by trying different things.

Potential is raw talent. No one can take that from you. Perhaps it won’t be recognized right away on a new job, but it usually doesn’t take long to establish your value.

Have you ever taken an aptitude test? When you were a kid, what kind of visualization did you have for your future? Do you have any persistent interests? Do you want to work in jeans or business attire? Have you thought about owning a business?

There’s nothing worthless about you. You will always have both your talents and a generous amount of potential. Talents and potential is a currency that no one can take from you.

Everytime i think of work, or even am mentioned by the possibility of work, it triggers me and makes me depressed or cry because i feel mourning over the job i lost and over the person i used to be. im not ready for work in my current state and i guess that also fustrates me.


since little i wanted to be a writer, but recently i am getting complex existensial thoughts, that might be a product of my ocd, which is making me worry about becoming a writer.


I recognise your feelings and worries due to experience. I am not there yet but what helps for me is that when my mind gets pulled in the past, I try to focus myself by concentrating on simple tasks like focussing on everything green or yellow. or focussing on my breathing and imagening the way the air goes inside my body. And remember myself that I am here at this moment and I am safe. And I am not in that situation in the past. But here, and now. These are grounding techniques. And there are a lot of them I am sure you will find one that fits you.
I startend walking at least an half an hour a Day to just be in a different surrounding and without hurry or time limit or sometimes without destination I found that there is a lot to see and feel outside. I Try to focus on the wind and image it would blow of negativity and feel fresh air entering my body. It feels refreshing.
Your talents and potential are not going to be wasted, for today you just have something else on your mind and as you recover you will find you have more talents and potential than you first thought.
I am sorry you feel this way and hope you will step by step find yourself in the here and now again.
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Is your trigger geared towards your previous job, that industry as a whole, or broader than that? It might be worthwhile to define what the boundaries look like and which options are or are not feasible at this point. @Wings asked if owning a business interested you – do you think self employment might offer some of the flexibility and self determination that might have been lacking in your previous position? Since you mentioned writing as an interest, have you looked at some freelance opportunities that might provide some contacts and establish a network to facilitate a potential transition into a new area?

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It wasn’t covid that ruined my job opportunity, Covid postponded it, my family was the one who ruined it. Household got toxic, I ran away, too much stress and sadness destroyed my mental state completely.

I was very excited and proud back then, it hurts to think about at all :frowning:

I want to be a writer since child, and good news is i have written more this year then i have in my whole life.

The career thing i lost isnt to do with writing but it was something i was interested in but idk.


It wasnt covid that ruined me… my mental state got overwealmed by anxiety, stress, sadness I literally broke.


Trigger point is work/ my career and stuff.

Im not fit to work at all rn which ig saddens me as well


Writing, either about your experience, or a story based on it, could be cathartic and therapeutic, even if you never shared the story with anyone. I’ve done that several times. It helped me to recognize suppressed feelings and clarify my thoughts.

Writing is an art, therefore improves with practice and in the process, brings about self-discovery.


It sounds like writing might be a good starting point, since you mentioned you have and interest and as @Wings pointed out it also has the therapeutic/ carthartic benefit. Writing or journaling may help you understand what your limits and options look like for the next step you’d like to take on your journey. If you have others who are supportive, it may not hurt to ask for comments on the writing or the options you’d like to explore. You could even frame it as asking for feedback to improve as a writer, but you may also be able to conduct a broader conversation based on the content of the writing.

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