Love this video my late husband died of a heart at

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Love this video, my late husband died of a heart attack, I was rehabilitating in a nursing home but I felt guilty because that I wasn’t there to wake him up. This October will be 4 years and miss him so much :cry::cry::cry::cry:


I am so very sorry for the loss and heartache you have experienced. I hate that anyone has to feel that sadness. It’s unexplainable until you’ve felt it yourself really.
I hope the guilt you had in your heart has evaporated because I do believe that loved ones would never want us to carry the responsibility of guilt.

The love you both have and have shared together is almost palpable through reading your words. I hope that love keeps your heart comforted


Sorry for your loss. It is evident from your post how close with you two were. I feel like he would know that you were with him in spirit.


hey friend, i’m so sorry for your loss. while there was not much you could control as you were rehabilitating, i understand deeply how much extra heartbreak was added with you not being able to be by his side. even through your few sentences, i can tell how much love there is between you and your late husband. i’m sending you so much comfort and love. thank you for being here and opening up about your grief. i hope you can do something kind for yourself very soon.



Sending you a giant hug, friend. It must have been so hard to lose the person you love the most, the one you shared your heart with, especially in such a sudden way. I’m so sorry that both of your lives have been impacted in such a brutal way four years ago. Your husband left too soon without any doubt, and there was so many memories for you and him to keep on creating together. It’s beyond heartbreaking when you are met with a stop to the future you were envisioning together, to be forced to deal with the silence it creates in your own life. Words are just not enough.

I hope that, little by little, you will find your way towards let go of the guilt that you’ve been carrying since then. Of course you wanted to be there and wish you could have make a difference, that he could have felt your presence at this moment too. You are not at fault though for the way things took place, it was completely beyond your control. You couldn’t know or anticipate, and being in a different place at the time will never diminish the beautiful love you have for him. It is stronger than time, than distance, than death itself. There is no doubt that your husband knew how much you loved him, and that if you were there at the time you would have done everything you could to save him. The love that exists between you two prevails, my friend. There is nothing more beautiful and strong than the bond that united you, even at that time, and even if you were both in different places.

I hope October this year will be a time to feel this love within, to honor his memory as well as taking good care of yourself. We are standing alongside you at Heartsupport. :heart: