Love this whole reaction i lost my little sister s

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Love this whole reaction, I lost my little sister suddenly and still don’t know how to talk about it or move on but this community and video helps❤


I’m glad you find our community helpful. Please feel free to share more with us if you ever want/need. <3

I’m so sorry for your loss, friend. It’s okay if now is not the right time for you to talk about it in great details, or how you feel about it, and regardless of how long you’ve been facing her absence. Just the fact that you’ve shared this here means a lot and speaks a lot. Sometimes, words are not necessary to convey the heaviness of what we feel, and people can sit with us quietly, respectfully. Rest assured that, whenever you would feel like you need to talk about it, or that the time would be appropriate for you, you’ll have a space here/at Heartsupport to share what’s on your heart.

If it can be reassuring in any way: you are not alone and you are not weird for needing your own time to speak up either. Your heart follows its own timeline, and there is no right or wrong way to process the loss of someone so close to your heart. I have personally lost my big brother 5 years ago quite suddenly, and I’ve definitely experienced ‘steps’ in talking about what happened, how it makes me feel, or even who he was. It took me years to say his name again out loud. I’m still unable to share all the micro-events that surrounded his death. Although I can share now at times about the raw pain it creates in me, as well as specific things he liked, thought, or good memories. Sometimes it brings tears, sometimes smiles, sometimes all together. Overall, sharing about it feels like slowly putting pieces of a puzzle together, and eventually inviting some very specific/few people into it.

Everything at its own time, my friend. No matter what, you have my full support.

I feel you, I lost my 4 year old son not even 5 months ago and most days I just feel broken

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@@ADHDsquirrels it’s incredibly hard to imagine the pain you’re feeling I’m so sorry for your loss, losing someone younger than you is too much as it is. I just keep telling myself to live and push through for her

First I would just like to say thank you for being open with us here, we appreciate it and don’t take it for granted. I am so sorry for your loss, I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of pain I would feel losing one of my sisters especially suddenly. It is understandable and normal to not be able to really speak about painful things you go through, and that is ok. Just know that it will get easier to talk about, and it is possible to get through these feelings and struggles you are having.

You are not alone in your loss, although I have not lost the same relationship you have here, I have come to know loss very well. At the time I do not have any grandparents left. I feel as though I have blocked out a lot of these events and emotions, and that is something that is to be worked on, as it is not healthy to keep things inside. In the moment it feels like it will not get easier to talk through these things but I promise you that things get easier over time. For me personally something that has helped is reminding myself that even though they are not on the physical plain with me, their spirit is always with me. I am not all that religious personally, but I myself can find solace in reminding me of this. In some cases I get things to help me remember the person I lost, for instance when I lost my grandmother I was given a teacup to remember her by, when I lost my family dog I got a bracelet engraved with her name. Sometimes these things can be seen as a way to remind you of the person in a hopeful way. Something my mom told me when my grandmother passed away was “it’s okay to cry” and I think that is something to remember. When you deal with loss, and feel the feelings associated with it you are not week, it’s okay top be affected by loss, it’s okay to be sad and cry. There will be a moment in time where you can overcome the negative emotions and replace it with positive, such as remembering the good times when you would spend time together.

Sometimes I try to remember the holidays we would spend together, the summers, I remember all the holidays my grandma would go all out for and have games and prizes and food, and invite the whole family over. Sometimes it does make me sad to remember these things and how it can no longer be that way, but I try to remind myself of the happiness I felt in those times, and even though they can no longer happen they can still be something I look fondly upon.

Loss is a difficult thing to get through, just know you are not alone. We are here for you no matter what, always here to listen or talk when needed. It’s okay to have difficulties speaking about the specifics at the moment, just know with time things will get easier. Take it slow, we are always here for you.

Much love,