Luckily my mom and aunt believed it when they saw

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Luckily my mom, and aunt believed it when they saw the bruises and then my mom quickly divorced my father and really believed because of the lingering trauma because I didn’t speak much until I was 5 and because of that I still have a speech impediment and anxiety depression disorders


hey friend, thank you for sharing such a difficult time of your life with us. i am beyond thankful your aunt and mom supported you after the revelation of the horrendous things your father did to you. i’m sorry you are left with the lingering trauma of it all. it’s unfair and you did not deserve any of it. thank you again for your vulnerability and i hope you can do something kind for yourself soon. you deserve that and every good thing this world has to offer. sending all the best. love, twix

Hello! First off, this is a super hard topic to share about, so thank you for allowing yourself to be vulnerable. That itself exhibits great strength. I am so sorry for the things you have gone through in your childhood. But the important thing to remember is that you have now overcome that point in your life. I hope you never blame yourself for the lingering effects of what happened during your childhood because none of this is your fault, and it is unfair that it ever happened to you. It is amazing that you have a good support system in your mom and aunt. There are so many good things coming your way, remember that!

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It’s good to hear that your mom and aunt believed you at the time. Too often children are not believed and evensometimes shamed for saying “false accusations”, which is awful. I’m so thankful that you had the possibility to be heard and believed by people who then took action to protect you too. Your mom understood that your safety was at stake here and created the necessary distance with him to keep you safe. Of course it doesn’t remove the trauma in any way, but it at least ensures that it wouldn’t happen again. You shouldn’t have been hurt in the first place, and I’m really sorry friend that you’ve been through this. The brutality and violence of some people is absolutely infiuriating, especially when it comes from people we trust and were supposed to always protect us.

It makes sense that the child you were also felt safer remaining silent. I’ve myself been abused as a child, and selective mutism is something I’ve faced regularly, even as an adult. It’s like a free/flight response and it’s absolutely valid when you’ve been hurt in such a way. Somehow, losing your voice allows you to be less visible, less noticeable, and therefore safer in this world. It’s unfair that you have to deal with the effects of this trauma and how it affects your life in the present. Trauma-healing is surely a long process that challenges our patience and the grace we could have for ourselves. Although it certainly does not define you and it never will. Through all the hardships and pain you’ve endured, you are still here, standing up and sharing your story - and you are absolutely beautiful for this. You are not defeated, my friend. There is still a road ahead of you to explore. :heart: